New York City, 1998 to 2003. I lived in midtown Manhattan, in a flat with my brother and his friends. Later, I moved to Brooklyn into a small apartment off of Flatbush Avenue. During these years, without a real studio, I created thousands of ink wash paintings. I would skate to various locations all over, with a pack of materials and paint 'En plein air'. I used fan brushes, Japanese Sumi ink- sometimes diluted in water and torn edged paper. Sometimes I just drifted, exploring, to return home at night. Manhattan, with its light and grit was my studio and subject matter. I worked from nude models at a private studio in Soho. Though this was a controlled environment my focus and intention was the same as on the street. To capture and reflect on passages of light and form within a Great city.

Emerging from the inextricable interplay of light and dark, this collection captures the ever-shifting subjectivity shaped by shadow. Cast in Japanese Sumi ink, each one-of-kind painting explores the physical trajectories of bodies and cityscapes—what is revealed or hidden? A variety of hand-torn, heavyweight papers add textural dimension to each mark and brush stroke.